About Us

To understand the focus of Prajna Consciousness one must merely be acquainted with the definition of our name. Prajna is the Sanskrit word for “gnosis”, “inner guru” or “inner knowing”. Prajna is the highest form of wisdom that comes from the essential self, a knowledge that exists beyond finite facts, logic or information. Consciousness is the state of being aware of, or awake to. Prajna Consciousness means being aware of or awake to our inner knowing or inner guru.

We are committed to assisting all beings in the awakening to their true nature, inner healer and divine self. Through our various services, teachings, classes and seminars, we strive to assist our clients with accessing their Prajna. We are but a bridge to awareness and the services we offer are examples of how all beings can access their highest potential through commitment to living as Prajna Conscious beings. It is in the honoring, nurturing and exploration of the Prajna that all truth, healing and evolution is found.

We are an educational/spiritual institution and a grassroots movement with a focus on understanding and serving the Dharma. Our objective is to assist others with their spiritual and personal evolution so that they may live and serve as they are meant to. We are dedicated to our great Mother Earth and believe that through spiritual awakening, the human species will remember that we are stewards of this planet. Our greatest Dharma, at this time, lies in coming to the aid of the Earth and fostering a symbiotic relationship with her. This can only be done by coming to know ourselves and our place within the cosmos.


Prajna promotes the joy of Gnosis. Gnosis being the place of knowledge arrived at by interior means and intuition. In furtherance of our purposes it our intention to promulgate the awareness and benefits of Gnostic philosophies through classes, services, teaching, study, and research. We believe:

1) This order is founded by the Divine essence

2) The Divine essence is the creative energy through which our being is expressed.

3) Our being, through Gnosis, is a source of healing power.

4) Healing power is accessible by the inner teacher who resides within each individual.

5) Individual sorrows and human problems are attributed to a disconnect from Gnosis.

6) Through aligning with Gnosis we can transcend all human suffering and strife.

7) This transcendence leads to our original and true state of being.